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Rent our Food Truck for a wedding, mitzvah, corporate or block party or for any fun thing you can think of!


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Things you should know:

Our food truck and pop-up tent option can facilitate anything from our menu. 


The only way to secure the date is to sign the agreement and pay the deposit. We require a 50% deposit 120 days before the event with the balance of payment due the day of the event.

All our trucks are self-contained and do not need to hook up to anything to operate.


We will arrive thirty-minutes prior to the agreed upon service time to prepare for service unless other arrangements were made in writing prior to the event.


Paper serving containers or plates, bags, eating utensils and condiments are included unless noted in agreement.


If more time is required than one of our options offered you can book additional time at $250.00 per hour.


In some cases, there are additional fees for travel, but they will be quoted at time of agreement.

Our truck measures Height: 11′ x Length: 30′ x Width: 10′. We require that our customers guarantee parking for the truck on the date of the event. The truck cannot be parked within 15 feet of a fire hydrant or in any illegal parking spot.


If we are unable to park on-location the day of the event, the catering service will be canceled, and BellaRu Catering will keep the payment in full.

Truck Minimums and Fees

Prices based on 2 hours of serving and guest guarantee

15% service charge and local tax are not included in these minimums

Serving from 8am-10pm are considered normal truck hours

Monday-Thursday Events $1000 Food & Beverage Min.

Friday/Saturday Events $1500 Food & Beverage Min.

Sunday/Holiday Events $2000 Food & Beverage Min.

After Hours Events (10pm-2am) $3000 Food & Beverage Min.

Additional Service hours- Add $500 per hour to your Food & Beverage Minimum

Events past 10 miles of our kitchen in Highland Park will include an additional $5/per mile charge.



Types of Truck Services

Host Pre-Paid Events- 50% non-refundable initial payment due to book the event, remaining balance due day of event.

Pay-as-You go Community Event- Host pays 25% deposit and is responsible for reaching the Food and beverage minimum. If the F&B is met, the host can receive a refund on the difference paid by check 7-10 business days after the event. If the F&B minimum is not met, the host will be responsible for paying the remaining balance at the end of the event.

You can mix and match items throughout all of the menus, or pick from our diverse catering menus as well.




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