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2021 Giving

In 2021, we changed our giving program and relied mostly on rescue food from

manufacturers and distributors. 

We rescued approximately 2 Million pounds of food that was going to be disposed of because of overproduction. Instead of throwing it away, we were able to redistribute it to over 30,000 families in our community.

Partner Organizations:

   Lake Forest Baptist Church, SALT, Roberti Community House, Family Service of Lake County, Family Focus, The Kids Pantry, Moraine Township, Fight 2 Feed, Imperfect Foods, Elawa Farm, Chicago Region Food System Fund, Mick Klug Farm, Sysco, Produce Alliance, Tato's Fresh Produce, European Imports, Give N Kind, Keeping Families Covered, Molina Health Care, Tempel Farms Organics,  Amazon Fresh, Jasko Omerovic Photography

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