BellaRu Food & Beverage is exploring the world of empanadas and dumplings and we want to share our tasty pocket creations with you. We take you on a trip to a region of the world to recreate the flavors of that region wrapped in our hand made dough. Every month  we go to a  new country and explore a new taste adventure.

You get one week free when you order this 3 month package.

Delivered Monthly frozen.


Weekly delivery of non-frozen Empanadas also available at the regular price.

Three Month Package of Empanadas and Dumplings

  • Delivery is included within a 20 mile radius of our Kitchen in Highland Park, IL.

    The three month package of Emapandas will be delivered in ONE MONTH packages, frozen, on the first Thursday of the month.

  • Please let us know if you have any restrictions or allergies. Your food will be made accordingly.